FAQs for World Congress of Accountants 2022

The 21st World Congress of Accountants (WCOA) 2022 will be held at the Jio World Centre in Mumbai, India from the 18th - 21st of November 2022.

Registration fees for the different categories of delegates can be found on the registration page of the WCOA 2022 website. (

Unfortunately, on-site registration is not available due to limited availability of spots. You must register online through the WCOA 2022 website. We also suggest registering by the “Early Registration” deadline (15th Aug) for discounted registration fees.

One-day registration is not permitted. You will need to register for all four days of the Congress.

An email containing a cancellation request can be submitted to Please note that refunds will be issued after the conclusion of the Congress. See the cancellation policy on the WCOA 2022 website for more details.

You can mail your queries to

If you are not an Indian national and will be travelling from overseas to attend the Congress, you will likely need a visa. Upon registering for the conference, a visa invitation will automatically be sent to your email account based on the information that you provide on the registration form. You can also access general visa information and information on obtaining a visa on the Congress’ website.

If you are only visiting India for the Congress, you may obtain a "Conference Visa". Also, the Indian government has recently introduced the “e-Visa” for visitors based on entry for casual business purposes. Please check for information on how to apply.

If you have remaining visa related questions, please contact us at

No, this is not permitted. However, guests are allowed to attend social events at the conference. You must register your guest by filling out the “Accompanying Person Registration” form on the WCOA 2022 website

Yes, you will receive a Certificate of Participation once the Congress has finished. (Please note that the Certificates will only be made available once the Congress has concluded.) You will be able to download your certificate from the Congress’ login page on the website.

If you are not an invited speaker but wish to be considered for a speaking slot, please send your proposal/abstract (200 words) to We will submit it on your behalf to the organizing committee for evaluation and then respond with their recommendations. Please note, there are a limited number of available slots for speakers. Only abstracts that convey scientific depth and findings are likely to be selected.

Mumbai is well connected by all means of transport i.e. rail, road, air by all parts of India and by all major cities of the world. ?? Doesn’t answer question – better not to put anything at all

Mumbai railway stations, bus terminals and the Mumbai International Airport all have pre-paid/online taxi services. You can also directly contact the hotel where you will be staying to arrange for pick up/drop off service.

Upon arrival at the airport, you can exchange your local currency for Indian rupees at marked money exchange kiosks. Hotels, banks, and Authorized Money Changers may also assist you in currency exchange. Credit Cards are widely accepted in India, but it is advisable to keep some Indian currency for local street vendors/shops.

Please plan to bring appropriate voltage converters and adapters as you see fit.

Please visit the Travel page on the WCOA 2022 Conference website. You will be redirected to the website of Thomas Cook India Limited which is the Official Professional Conference Organiser for the WCOA 2022. These hotel rates are negotiated by the Official Professional Conference Organiser and any made arrangements are between the delegate and Thomas Cook. The ICAI is not responsible for these arrangements.

To become a sponsor or for more information, please contact

Email for more information.

The schedule is forthcoming.

Yes, please contact for more information.

Visit the WCOA 2022 website Media page (brochure download) option.

Program details will be posted on the WCOA 2022 website as they are confirmed. A full schedule of sessions, events, and activities will be available on our website in late October.

Typically, the temperature during this time of the year in Mumbai is around 31° C/22° C. You can check for more details closer to the event. While most of the conference will be in the air-conditioned conference hall, some events will be in semi-outdoor spaces. Please bring appropriate attire.

No, it is not. However, we highly recommend it in case of emergency.

The Congress does not have specific activities designed for family members. Family members will not be allowed to sit in on sessions or participate in meals. The WCOA is a closed conference by registration only. However, there are plenty of attractions to see in Mumbai and its surrounding areas. Contact your hotel concierge to help you plan activities and day trips for your family.

We do not currently have a facility for childcare at the venue.

Complimentary access will be provided throughout the convention centre. You will be provided details upon your arrival.

Please contact for further assistance.

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